Ambassador London is a trusted partner and collaborator. From your competitive business goals, we build results-oriented digital strategies and continually refine your campaigns for optimal outcome.


Our digital marketing capabilities range from brand activation to raising brand awareness, social media marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing and sales automation.

Solutions for your brand

Customer success

World-class digital experiences
Since 2011 we deliver the world-class digital experiences for our clients globally.

Global team and partners network
From digital marketing consultants to the most creative talents, our global team and partners network to cover your needs.

Marketing technology
Using advanced tools to ensure your strategy performs at 100% capacity.

Marketing ROI Optimisation
We maximise your spend and improve efficiency through continual refinement of your campaigns.


The GDPR is a new European privacy regulation that aims to balance individual and business rights through transparency and accountability as well as harmonising data privacy laws across Europe. In other words, this law will be looking to provide more clarity as to what defines personal data, consent and legitimate interest.

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How we work

From Strategy to Results.

At Ambassador London, we don’t believe in one-solution-fits-all. We have created a method to translates your business strategy into an actionable digital marketing plan.

We analyze your business model, customer segments, and value proposition.

We translate your business competitive strategy into a digital marketing plan.

We provide the technology, human resources, project management and leadership to execute your digital marketing plan.

We analyze the data from all the digital and traditional channels to discover insights and to make recommendations.

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