Online Brand Awareness Campaign during Salon de Mobile Milan 2017

Officina Luce

Officina Luce creates unique decorative lighting fixtures that are admired across the globe. They offer the very best in decorative lighting design. Each product is created using the finest materials, utmost care and attention and highest level of traditional craftsmanship.

The brand is recognised worldwide and featured in most prestigious interior decoration and lifestyle magazines such as House Beautiful, Marie Claire and InStyle.

Euroluce 2017: The Biggest Lighting Exhibition in Europe where Officina Luce is exhibiting for the second year to some of the best innovators, retailers, dealers as well as a key stakeholder of the lighting industry, creating a synergy which will lead to many great possibilities for all participants of the event.

Our mission

Officina Luce goal was to promote their brand using digital channels such as Website, Social Media and Search.

After analysing and understanding the brand, product and values, our proposal was:

  • Website evaluation and optimization
  • Create two new section: Gallery and Blog
  • Prepare the website for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Generate new contacts using lead generation
  • Raise brand awareness and grow followers in social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Euroluce 2017 multi-channel campaign
  • Data Analytics reports

Our approach

We have selected the target audience (Interior designers, architects and contractors) from specific countries from where we would like to get most of the visitors to their website.

Website was optimised for organic search marketing, making it easy to be found on both Google and Bing. We have implemented Google Analytics to monitor the performance of the site.

New lead generation

We created the Gallery section from which visitors can download the new product catalogue. Using 3rd party integration with Mailchimp we were able to include the new contacts from the website directly to Officina Luces contact list for later send regular newsletters.


Drive targeted traffic to the website

By using Facebook Ads we were able to identify interests of the audience from selected countries. Interior designers, architects and contractors who likes or follows decorative lighting companies, pictures or videos. This specific targeting allowed us to drive high quality visits to the site and grow followers on Facebook.



Brand awareness

Our goal was to reach to targeted audience, engage with them publishing daily content and grow followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. We selected few topics:

  • New product images with detail of the materials
  • Share Officina Luce blog articles about the brand, their process of fabrication, featured in magazines and upcoming events
  • Inspiring images with the Officina Luce lighting in hotels or palaces all over the world

With a clear content calendar we were able to plan, edit and publish the daily content on time, monitoring the followers engagement. To optimise the performance and to understand better the audience, we monitor the followers data (country, gender and interest), also we monitor the best time for publishing to serve at the right time.

Euroluce 2017 Multi-Channel Campaign

We use all available channels (web, social, search and email) to inform and invite to the biggest lighting Industry event of the year.

Having more than 10,000 monthly searches on Google, we decided to take advantage of it and place Officina Luce brand in front of everyone searching for Euroluce 2017 exhibition.

Specially created Euroluce section and few articles in Blog section allowed to Google to crawl and index the client’s website straight to the first page in just few weeks.

Social media updates using #Euroluce2017 boosted the reach and new followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter including the Officina Luce in the conversations with the top leading brands.

With the incremented contact list from the website we send weekly newsletters inviting to Euroluce 2017 placing Officina Luce brand in front. Email marketing also gave us the opportunity to promote the new products, showcases the projects and invite to download new digital catalog, only available during Euroluce event.



Website: From the first week started generating new contacts (20% conversion rate from visitors to contacts) and increased the traffic by 70%. As per client requirement, we increase visits from selected countries. 



Social Media:  Reached to 85K social media users and increase 17% of new followers. The engagement rate lift to 138%.


Email Marketing: 81% contact list increment in just two month. 


SEO: website is positioned in the first page using branded keywords, 204% increase in impressions and 80% clicks to the website.