Integrated Digital Marketing for Render Atelier

Render Atelier is a group of creative minds with a common vision: to revolutionize the standard of 3D Rendering services through sophisticated aesthetic and technical support to Architects and Interior Designers.

The team leaders are architects and interior designers who embarked on an amazing venture in the field of photorealistic renderings.

In only a few years, Render Atelier has been featured in The Architects’ Hub Qatar and their clientele features the prestigious architect studios from London and Dubai.

Brand development & Social media

During the first year, we worked to raise the brand awareness on social media using their extensive photo-realistic portfolio. We got a very positive response on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn where we grew followers by hundreds every month.

Currently, Render Atelier has more than 28K followers across multiple social media channels and their social media channels have became the primary source for new business acquisition.


We developed the website as an easy-to-browse 3D rendering portfolio, always bearing in mind the high quality of the pictures and the convenience of the Smartphone users who would be visiting it. This approach paid off well as most of the clients fell in love with RA works. A regularly updated portfolio section and blog articles posted at regular intervals helped us in driving constant and growing traffic from social media sites and Google Search.

Email Marketing and Automation

With increasing demand for photorealistic renderings, the brand is attracting new business opportunities every day. To deliver a specific message for each contact at a very different stage of the customer journey, we have created automated marketing messages using Ambassador London Email Platform.

RA is constant publishing new projects in their portfolio section, and we send a newsletter every two weeks with the most recent projects.

Content Marketing

What makes RA different from their competitors is how they keep the audience informed and inspired every day. With new projects, photo-realistic 3d renderings, and articles about 3d rendering shared with 28K+ people every day, we have been able to generate high-quality leads for the brand.

Innovation in services

Render Atelier is a modern and forward-looking company. With the introduction of the VR and AR services, the brand has rendered unlimited options to show the interiors. Using video walkthrough, the architects and real estate companies can present their projects – before the projects take shape.

Data Analytics

As a part of the innovation, we keep the RA team posted about the latest market trends and customer data collected from the website, social media channels and email platform. With this actionable data, we can improve the customer experience by working closely with Render Atelier.

Client comments

I had the pleasure of working in close coordination with Ambassador London for the development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan for my company. The team is motivated to deliver “best outcomes” for the projects on-hand. Also, they have the ability to make strategic decisions and a keen eye for the finest details. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ambassador London for any position where the organization is committed to delivering innovative and high quality service”.

Andrea Corsini,
CEO Render Atelier