How we increased sales by 106% during Black Friday Campaign

Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign results for our Travel and Experience client from London (UK). 

  • Increased sales by 106%
  • Online sessions grown by 77% 
  • eCommerce conversion rate increased by 34%

I would like to take a deep breath and reflect on what we did.

Start early

We have started the campaign on Monday, and this allowed us to test every touchpoint, do A/B tests on Ad campaigns and also start generating sales before the Black Friday.

Multi-channel approach

Our customer journey looks like this:

  1. Get to know about the brand on social media (Paid Social Ads).
  2. Visit the landing page (1st visit).
  3. Search on Google about the brand, review and watch videos (1-3 days).
  4. Back to the website (return visit) to buy the experience.
  5. Receive confirmation email with instructions for booking.

We used all the channels along the customer journey to promote the BFCM offer with different messages, videos, landing pages and curated emails.

New audience vs remarketing

We spoke directly with Facebook and asked them what would be the best strategy for Black Friday and Holidays Campaign’s. Their advice was spot on!

  • Generate a new audience using lookalike audience. People similar to current customers, people who are following competitors or similar people who like the Facebook page.
  • Create specific Ads for people who had any interaction with the website, Facebook or Instagram in the last 180 days (re-marketing).

We have executed BFCM campaign based on this advice and it worked wonders! We got new audience watching our videos and poeple who did heard about the brand before, took the advantage of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts to buy the experience.

Creative Copy

Thanks to our creative copywriter, we have curated every single touchpoint to tell a story, using our audience language.

Investing in a good copy have resulted in increasing conversion rate.

Budget and costs control

Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign a very uncertain and hard to predict the ROI.

We have analysed the data day-by-day and made adjustments based on the current and real situation.

Having an absolute control on the metrics such as conversion rate, daily purchase, daily Ad Spend, Ad performance and etc. have guided our decision making process.

This campaign have provided us with a very valuable information and learnings. We are looking forward for the Christmas season!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your upcoming campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ambassador London Team