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Healthcare & mHealth

The fact that patients are now more likely to research and browse health information online, before making any decisions, has created an opportunity for healthcare organizations to focus their marketing efforts digitally. Consequently, more have focused on creating engaging content, enhancing search engine optimization and increasing their social media presence.

Healthcare content is the second most-searched-for service online and it will make the largest commercial impact.

Chatbots can give medical practices the chance to interact quickly with their patients in a way that feels personal and specific to their needs. There are more than 100,000 active bots on Facebook Messenger every month, and almost 2 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and their target audiences each month.

Our approach

  • Focus on user-friendly experience
  • Voice-driven SEO
  • User’s language
  • Healthcare content marketing
  • Social engagement with video
  • Local marketing
  • Chatbot implementation

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