Growth Marketing

Our scientific and data driven approach to growth and digital marketing is what enables us to achieve envious results.

Growth Hacking

Our scientific and data driven approach to growth and digital marketing is what enables us to achieve envious results.

Growth Hacking is data-driven business growth based on rapid experimentation. It’s a mixture of Behavioral Psychology, Creative Marketing, Coding/Automation, and Data/Testing.

We start by auditing your current digital setup, followed by Growth Marketing process implementation. The process is designed to help teams first develop a broad overview of business & growth model. This provides us a structure for brainstorming on how we can grow your business.

Digital vs. Growth marketing

While traditional marketing focuses on the top of the funnel and account-based marketing focuses on key accounts, the growth marketing’s focus is on the entire customer journey.

Today, we have at our disposal more information, tools, resources and skill sets than ever before. How do you take advantage of all of these assets to grow your business?

Growth Marketing Framework

G.R.O.W.S. framework enables you to experiment fast and helps you increase macro and micro conversions. Data trumps all assumptions and it’s the strongest argument when optimizing your company’s growth through the entire customer’s journey (funneling).

We provide you with the necessary tools and templates to start generating ideas, test them and look for insights with the data you collect.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our conversion rate optimisation service ensures that every element of your marketing strategy and website is working to transform your prospects into customers by optimising your entire digital customer journey.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a strategy as well as a science. We believe a good CRO is impacted by a combination of UX, psychology, data science and A/B testing. Our goal is to Identify a problem that stops your users from completing their desired journey.

We focus not only on identifying where and what to test, but also to focus & prioritise what needs to be done. Layered over that is a deep understanding of your business and how your users engage with your website. We’ll help you define your funnelling and focus on both macro and micro conversions.

Whether you want your visitors to download your free ebook, complete your lead generation form or convert into paying customers, CRO will ensure that every element of your website will be optimised and firstly focused on conversions that brings you ROI.

Success stories

Increased sales by 106% during Black Friday Campaign

Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign results for our Travel and Experience client from London (UK). Increased sales by 106%,
Online sessions grown by 77% and eCommerce conversion rate increased by 34% …. read more

Start with A/B experimentation

How data driven A/B testing and rapid experimentation can save you months of time (and money) instead of redesigning your under-performing website. …. read more

Frequently asked questions

I want to implement growth marketing process, how do I start?

Brands that are eligible to implement the growth process should first have a validated market fit product. If your idea doesn’t have the potential to gain enough traction with your potential customers, we should start by optimizing your business model & value propositions before we can implement growth process.

How long will it take to see results?

We can’t promise you results unless your brand offers a product which solves a customer’s pain. 80% of ideas that are generated and ready to be tested will probably fail. When you find that sweet spot / growth hack that works, you will start seeing traction almost instantly. Perhaps you’re the next AirBnB, Slack or Dropbox.

We don’t have an in-house growth team, can we still get the service?

First we’ll assess the resources you have available in-house and see whether your team’s skillset is able to form a growth team. Ambassador London offers in-house trainings, resources, strategies, tacties and tools that’ll help you get started.

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