Digital Marketing Strategy

We work with companies from around the world helping them to see a bigger picture and to create a plan that is aligned with companies objectives, taking into consideration their landscape, customer needs, internal capacities, available technology and current trends.

  • By developing a competitive digital marketing strategy, companies can see a bigger picture and set a roadmap to achieve it.
  • Aligned marketing and sales strategy to measure companies bottom line and delivering higher value to your customers.
  • Strategic customer targeting based on your companies resources and capabilities, matching with right customers.
  • Create a unique value proposition by understanding customer needs and preferences.
  • A complete view of the customer journey and all the touch-points to deliver the message and the value consistently through online and offline channels.

Our framework

Our framework is designed to facilitate strategic planning work. We have developed a method to audit businesses current situation, analyse customer segments, recognise a unique value proposition and develop a plan for implementation.

Our approach:

  1. Understand companies current situation via interviews with the companies founder, general manager or senior role members.
  2. Analyse available information and data, by allowing our experts to audit the digital marketing and sales channels and gather insights.
  3. Plan with clear goals and performance metrics in mind, also creating an agile marketing team to deliver the strategy.

Success stories

Integrated Digital Marketing for a 3D Rendering Studio

In only a few years, Render Atelier has been featured in and their clientele features the prestigious architect studios from London and Dubai…. read more

The team is motivated to deliver “best outcomes” for the projects on-hand. They have the ability to make strategic decisions and a keen eye for the finest details…”.

Andrea Corsini,
CEO Render Atelier

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