From business strategy to digital marketing implementation

Agustin Peralt

Book author "LIDÉRATE"

Agustin Peralt has been featured in Forbes as a productivity and leadership mentor, he is actively conducting lectures at universities and providing his thoughts on national radio and TV.

The challenge

  1. As a book author “LIDÉRATE” with own method F.A.S.E., his goal is to develop a world-class brand image as an industry leader. People should be able to easily find about him using Google Search, subscribe or follow him on social media and keep learning from his articles and ebooks on a regular basis.
  2. Agustin is fully dedicated to his clients, host conferences and attend interviews with the media. He needed to find the way of sharing his method with more people in Spain that do not require his physical presence.

Value proposition

We set the goals to develop the brand Agustin Peralt with a clear positioning as expert in personal and professional productivity with own method F.A.S.E.

Our approach

From his business strategy and vision to share his method, we created a digital marketing plan based on current customer segments and a new target audience.

Working closely with Agustin, we have implemented a new process that allowed him and his team to publish high quality content and grow his influence on social media.

Brand, Book and eCommerce

With a new products such as ebooks, book “LIDÉRATE”, and online courses Agustin Peralt was able to reach to a larger audience and generate additional revenue without his physical presence.

The brand element was critical for digital marketing planning as we were going to enter in a new segment with more competitors. It was important to maintain his value proposition but improve his image across all the online channels.

Social Media

Agustin has a capacity to engage with his audience by publishing high quality content on social media. Inspiring articles, productivity tips, ebooks and how to reduce stress by achieving work-life balance.

We helped his team to plan the content using content calendar and coordinate the social media efforts with other digital marketing activities such as book launch, university events and media coverage.


SEO was a key element to connect online channels with the offline PR/Media efforts. When people are in the conference or listening radio program where Agustin was interviewed, they will look up Google using his name ”agustin peralt”, method “metodo fase” or name of the book “libro liderate”.

By regularly monitoring the Google Search Trends, we have spotted that the book “libro liderate” had a higher search volume than the author “agustin peralt”. We have optimised the website and created specific pages to be positioned in Google so people can find immediately and avoid going to other websites with similar names.


We have developed a new version of the site by introducing a mobile-first method. This allowed us to plan and design the website’s content taking into consideration mobile users and from there expand to tablet and desktop users.

By improving the user experience for mobile users, we have increased the avg. duration of the sessions from less than 1 minute to up to 3 minutes and the eCommerce sales from 0% to 21%


We have a introduced eCommerce section where book readers can buy the agenda and other products that are not available on Amazon.

The purpose of the eCommerce was not to make online sales as a core business model but to create an experience for people who are looking to implement Peralt’s method.


After 3 month of digital marketing execution, we have increased website visits, social media followers, subscribers and a new revenue stream.

Website visits

Online revenue



What's next?

  • Promote the book “LIDÉRATE” on social media using Live videos, blog articles, and media partners.
  • Introduce Inbound content to grow subscribers list.
  • Deliver high quality content for each stage of the customer journey.
  • Keep improving the mobile users experience on the site.