Combining science and technology for digital transformation

Using science and intellect to engage in challenging tasks and solving complex problems. We help digital health companies to grow by embracing innovation, adopting new technologies and creating a digital culture.

What we do

Research and development

Our team has over 10 years of accumulated experience conducting scientific, medical and technical research to support the digital health projects.

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Digital marketing

We help early stage startups and established companies with digital marketing solutions. From product testing to launch we are all the way helping companies grow.

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Innovation grants and funding

Supporting companies by creating a list of possible grands and conducting the necessary research to support the applications. For private funding, we connect with investors or organise a crowdfunding campaigns.

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Tech partnership development

For companies who are looking for tech partnerships we connect with the companies that matches your requirements, locally or from Europe, Middle East and SouthEast Asia.

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Digital Health content creation

We help companies to engage with their communicated through digital content in a variety of formats: articles, blog posts, whitepapers, guides, ebooks or live webinars.

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Project management

From conducting research to user testing, provide support in project management, taking control of the project and delivering exceptional outcomes.

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Scientific research for tech

Digital age represents a wealth of opportunities for companies to innovate. Turn the key challenges into solutions, launch new ideas faster and drive results by bringing innovation to your customers.

  • Research papers
  • Medical articles
  • Case studies

Digital Marketing

Turn the challenges into solutions, launch new ideas faster and drive results by bringing innovation to your customers.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Market testing and validation
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Lead generation

About Us

We are a team formed by entrepreneurs, PhD scientist and marketing experts with a rich combined expertise in Digital Health, Intergovernmental Sectors, International Health Organisations, Pharmaceuticals, Nanotechnology, and Biomedical Science.

We provide data driven solutions for digital health companies globally. Over the last five years we’ve supported startups and SMEs to launch their products faster.

We learn by doing, focusing on results and building a strong relationship with our clients, taking care of their business as our own.

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How Effective is mHealth for Chronic Disease Management?

JMIR 2019

The rise of the smartphone may be the single most important development in the fight to ensure medication adherence, healthy lifestyle choices, and regular contact with the healthcare system.

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Evidence-Based Standards For Digital Health

Forbes May 21, 2019

Professional groups and industry-wide collaborations are emerging to drive the growth of healthcare innovation. The development of high-quality, evidence-based products and services is now...

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Slides: Building the healthcare system of the future

World Economic Forum Jan 18, 2019

Today’s model of healthcare provision is becoming increasingly unsustainable. To deliver continued improvements to the world’s health, healthcare will need to be transformed...

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