Get in front of your high-value clients
faster and engage with personalised content.


Get in front of your high-value clients
faster and engage with personalised content.

Why Account Based Marketing?


of businesses using ABM say it delivers higher ROI

ABM enriches the marketing team with a much deeper understanding of the target audience.


ABM is a strategy that directs marketing resources to engaging a specific set of target accounts.”

Inbond vs Account Based Marketing


Account-based marketing flips the traditional inbound marketing funnel on its head.

How to get started?


1 Identify high-value accounts

Analyze your existing customer base to identify the ones that fit your definition of an ideal customer.

The most profitable, long-term, happy customers who are a strong fit for your company and deliver the biggest lifetime value.

2 Identify decision-making roles

The list of individuals might include the CMO, digital marketing managers, CIO, and CFO.

Connect the concerns and needs of each person. Engaging each stakeholder is to help drive consensus for a purchase decision.

3 Create personalised campaigns 

Develop personalized campaigns designed to resonate with them.

It starts by aligning your messages and content with the interests, needs, and challenges of each account and key stakeholder.

4 Multi-Channel, Multi-Touch approach 

To reach your target accounts and the key stakeholders, figure out which channels they use most to research trends and solutions.

This may vary by role or even industry, so don’t assume you can apply a one-size-fits-all approach here.

5 Track, measure and optimise touch-points

Marketing and sales are jointly accountable for driving pipeline and revenue when it comes to ABM.

Give your teams enough time to generate results – in line with the typical purchase cycle – and then adjust your strategy and tactics as necessary.

Account Based Marketing Online workshop


While it takes a concerted effort and up-front work to launch an ABM program, success is within reach for every B2B organisation.

Our team of digital marketing experts will help you to get started. During the program we will work on the following areas: 


Session 1: Identify High-Value Clients

  • Target customers
  • Value proposition
  • Roles & needs

Session 2: Planning and personalised content

  • Sales communication 
  • Triggers and personalised content
  • Call to actions and follow up’s

Session 3: Engage using multi-channel and multi-touch approach

  • Channels strategy
  • Engagement plan
  • Sales Pipeline with CRM

Workshop duration: 3 sessions, 2 hours each

Online or In-Company (UK)

Talk to us on live chat or request a demo.

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